5 facts you need to know about Watermelon.

Is watermelon your favorite or extremely favorite?

One of the most awaited fruits of summer is Watermelon. Feels like the wrath of warm breeze can’t be defeated without this round buddy. Except for the zillion seeds in its belly, there’s nothing unlikeable about watermelon. The sweet and juicy texture speaks volumes about the taste of every recipe you make from it. Let’s dig deep into its origin.

Watermelon slices

Origin of watermelon: –

They are claimed to have originated from South Africa. Watermelons need less water to grow and are drought- tolerant. It was consumed by inhabitants of Kalahari Desert region. Not only they consumed it for water content, but also their seeds for nourishment. People have been enjoying watermelons for over 5000 years, and they continue to consume them in large amounts all around the world. Because of its easy cultivation practices, watermelons were never tough to grow.

Nutritious ingredients of Watermelon: –

⦁ Calories
⦁ Fiber
⦁ Sugar
⦁ Protein
⦁ Vitamin A
⦁ Fat
⦁ Vitamin C
⦁ Magnesium

Did you know?
Tutti Frutti is made from watermelon peel. Some people find the taste bad, but some find it quite likeable. They are being used in ice-creams, cakes, cookies etc. Their look is quite appetizing as well.

To sum up the main information about Watermelon.

Botanical Name: Citrullus Lanatas
Plant type: Creepers
Grows in which soil: Sandy loam.
Blooming time: 80-90 days
Flower color: light yellow
Sun exposure time: 8-10 hours of direct sunlight
pH of soil: 6.0-6.8

Facts about Watermelon you didn’t know: –

⦁ There are about 1200 different varieties of watermelons worldwide.
⦁ Watermelons have been grown in a box shaped in Japan for the past 40 years.
⦁ This is the most consumed fruit in the United States.
⦁ It contains only 40 calories per cup.
⦁ There are some varieties of watermelons that require 130 hot days in order to ripen.
⦁ It reduces inflammation in your body. This healthy fruit is a good weight loss supplement because it does not contain bad cholesterol.
⦁ Ancient Egyptians placed watermelons under the tombs as a sign of sustenance for the afterlife. Farmers cultivated this healthy fruit in Europe in the 13th century and in China in the 10th century.

Watermelon Health Benefits:

August 3rd is celebrated as Watermelon Day. This round fellow is one of the best fruits to bring where fun resides, to a picnic or a backyard party. Besides being sweet and juicy, it’s also packed with important health benefits that are excellent for your body. There are a lot of health benefits of consuming watermelon.

1. Maintain hydration:

This healthy fruit contains most parts as i.e., 92% water, which means you are putting less calories and more nutrition in your body. It absolutely has the ability to rehydrate your body, which means you must add it in your weight loss diet. The most important reason is continuous hydration protects you from dry mouth and is also helpful for cardiovascular health/disorders. Keeping hydrated will help to keep you cool even in the peak summer. It cleanses your body and keeps your skin plump and healthy. I highly recommend drinking a glass of watermelon juice every day to ensure good health.

2. Helps control blood sugar:

Watermelon helps in converting the kidneys Ritalin (amino acid) to arginine (amino acid). In fact, these two amino acids also help in protecting you from diabetes. Medical evidence has proven that the arginine content in watermelon is important for the body’s glucose metabolism and insulin regulation.

3. Helps you lose weight:

In order to lose weight without any supplements, don’t forget to add our round fellow to your weight loss diet. Watermelon makes you feel full, as it contains mainly water content, which also acts as an aid in hydration. Therefore, you need to be careful and add this fellow to your weight loss diet.

4. Helps prevent cardiovascular disease-

The reddish color of the watermelon is because of the Lycopene. Tomatoes have the same compound, but in a lesser quantity than Watermelon? Lycopene has the ability to lower cholesterol, which helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. Just have a cup of watermelon every day and your job will be done.

5. Reduces the severity of asthma:

Being an excellent source of vitamin C, Watermelon is effective in reducing the Asthma effects. Low vitamin C levels makes a person more prone to asthma. Hence, watermelon is recommended if you are suffering from such an illness. If we put it simply, watermelon contains about 40% vitamin C, which is good for Asthmatic patients.

6 Reduce tooth problems:

If you consume one glass of watermelon juice regularly, you build an immunity against periodontal disease, which is quite common amongst almost 25% of the World’s population. Tooth loss and infection are prevailing in this disease and can also induce heart diseases. Vitamin C is a top-notch solution against periodontal disease. I highly recommend adding watermelon to your daily diet for optimal health.

7. Fights infection:

Watermelon builds your immunity against diseases, and thereby helps to fight infection. Being high in moisture content, watermelon restores and rejuvenates your body. It ultimately makes your immune system better. That’s how it helps you to fight infection.

8. Good for nerve function:

Watermelon is extremely good for nerve functioning. Since its rich in Potassium content, it regulates nerve functioning quite well. Low amount of Potassium in the body causes the body to be numb and to tingle.

9. Prevents heat exhaustion:

Heatstroke is a deadly issue amongst hot countries or during summer. Taking an appropriate amount of watermelon daily can retain the moisture in your body and cools down the internal temperature as well. So yes, it helps in maintaining the temperature of the body as well.

I hope at least now you know how important it is for you to have watermelon for your own good. Take the appropriate amount of watermelon daily and you’ll feel the summer like a cool breeze.

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