Cool facts about Cucumber you didn’t know

Cool facts about Cucumber you didn’t know: –

Every salad recipe has Cucumber as its main ingredient. Every dark circle remedy has Cucumber as its main ingredient. So yes, being an important member of the regime, you must be aware of Cucumber. Let’s dig deep about this cylindrical fellow.

Origin of Cucumber: –

Cucumber is called Cucumis sativus in the botanical world i.e, it’s botanical name. It comes from the family Cucurbitaceae. This family usually includes all cylindrical vegetables or fruits. It originated from South Asia and is commonly grown on almost all the continents today. It grows on creeping vines, having roots in the ground, therefore it requires a supporting frame to grow upon.

fresh cucumbers sliced on dark background

Nutritious ingredients of Cucumber: –

⦁ 95% water
⦁ 4% carbohydrates
⦁ 1% protein
⦁ Magnesium
⦁ Potassium
⦁ Vitamin C
⦁ Manganese
⦁ Vitamin A
And whatnot….
It contains negligible amounts of fat. It also enriches your body with 67 KJ of energy.
Having cucumber as a salad gives your body the boost to digest food faster. If you cut slices of Cucumber in your water, refrigerate it and drink it; it rejuvenates your body immensely.

To sum up the main information about Cucumber,

Botanical Name: Cucumis sativus
Plant Type: Vegetable
Grows in which soil: Slightly acidic to neutral.
Blooming time: Summer
Color of flower: Yellow
Sun exposure time: Full sun
Seed Colour: White seeds in big ones and green seeds in shorter ones.

Surprising Facts about Cucumbers: –

⦁ Cure to swelling- They are totally capable of cooling down the temperature of your blood, ‘cool cucumbers’, aren’t they? Therefore, they are used to cure swellings. Just by rubbing a slice of cucumber, you can remove all the external toxins on your skin.
⦁ Cure to bad breath-It can work as a ‘fresh Breeze’ to your bad breath. Just rotate it in your mouth for a few minutes or seconds and VOILA! You will smell as fresh as a mint.
⦁ Cure to dead skin- Cucumbers are a fun part of every facial and de-tanning. If you skin is feeling extra dull, just cut slices of cucumber and rub it on your face. Keep it on your eyes for a while, it works wonderfully for the dark circles around your eyes. Cucumber sheet masks are the top sellers these days.

Noone is new to the benefits of Cucumber for skin. Whether you take it internally or apply externally, it works magic.

⦁ Cure for hangover- Yes, that’s right. You must have heard about the use of lemon for hangovers as well as cucumbers work just as effectively. Alcohol absorbs Vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes from your body. Cucumber being the cylindrical best friend, replenishes them all.

Chug down the cucumber water or eat a cucumber, before going to sleep. You’ll feel completely fresh in the morning.

Cucumber Hacks-

⦁ Cure for shoe dirt- Running out and seeing those dirty shoes. Oops! Can’t find the shoe polish. Go to the refrigerator. Take that cucumber slice and start rubbing it off on your shoes. While you are done doing that, you’ll see shiny shoes and a dirty slice of Cucumber in your hands. But hey! Shiny shoes were our ultimate goal. Right!
⦁ Cure for mirror fog- Everyone loves taking long hot showers. I bet you do too. And then after that hot shower, you want to see how stunningly amazing you look in the mirror but hey, that fog.

It kills the buzz. There’s one simple solution to it. Briefly, Keep a jar of water in the bathroom with cucumber slices in it. Rub it in on the foggy mirror and Voila! The magic did happen.

DIYs of Cucumber-

⦁ Cure for puffiness- Have to go to a party, but these puffy eyes are ruining the look and mood altogether. What to do? Don’t panic, just follow a simple trick. Rub two slices of Cucumber for around 20 minutes on your eyes, it will help to ease up the swelling quite efficiently.

And if you have spare time, prepare a DIY hydrating mask for under eye using Cucumber. It will repair the dead cells surrounding your eye and help to make skin glowing.
⦁ Cure for hair problems- Regular consumption of Cucumber will hydrate your scalp. It removes a lot of damage problems, like split ends, dandruff as well as itchy scalp etc.

Use DIY masks and stick to the routine. Use hair serum thereafter, it will keep the moisture locked in your traces.

⦁ Cure for dead skin- Removing dead cells from your skin can be a challenging task. First thing that comes to mind is scrubbing, but it does more damage to the skin and should be used twice a week only. Curing dead cells using Cucumber masks, cleans out the pores as well as brightens and tightens the skin.

Health with Cucumber-

⦁ Cure for indigestion- Losing weight seems like a tough task but our little friend is here to save the day. Cucumbers are an ideal source of high water with low calorie content, which makes up for the skin issues and contributes to weight loss as well. It ultimately cures constipation to quite a good extent.

⦁ Cure for diuretics- Cucumber helps in removing the sodium and water out of your body. The diuretic pills which doctors prescribe are for this purpose only. Cucumber itself can do the job quite efficiently. But in order to achieve that, you need to be consistent with the consumption.

⦁ Cure for high Blood Pressure- Being a good source of potassium (K), cucumber regulates the quantity of sodium intake retained by your kidneys. Sodium lowers the quantity of water in the blood by removing it, which decreases the fluid quantity in your veins and arteries. It thereby contributes to lowering blood pressure. How cool! Isn’t it?

⦁ Cure for Pyorrhea- By this time, you must be feeling like what is it that cucumber can’t do. It cures skin issues, hair issues and what not. Let’s get to another one.

Being a good source of dietary fiber, cucumber ultimately helps in fiber massage of teeth and gums. It also concludes that Cucumber helps in strengthening bones as well as muscles.

This was just a few amongst the many benefits of Cucumber. Now since it’s so beneficial, it needs to have good growing practices. Therefore, In order to enrich the nutrients and implement various new varieties in the cucumber, the scientists have figured out various ways to grow this fellow. First you need to know,

Two types of Cucumber: –

⦁ Bush Cucumber Trellis:- This type of Cucumber plantation takes up very less space but then it also produces a small amount of the vegetation. You can only grow a limited amount of cucumbers with this practice, like for a household or two.

⦁ Vining Cucumber Trellis: – The vines or creepers stretch to a large amount of space. The yield is abundant and is suited for economical purposes. The farmers use this type of practice to grow cucumbers for selling. If the creepers are left to grow on the ground, it not only makes room for diseases but also takes up a large amount of space in the real estate. But when the farmers use vining trellis for growing, it makes good use of the space, and the crop yield is more in quantity.

Cultivation practices of cucumbers: –

Cucumber is a vegetable of warmth and summer. They need watering and heat consistently to grow. Therefore, you need to make sure that you plant the cucumbers at least 2 weeks following the last Frost date. The cold and Frost are bound to damage the seeds. They need at least a temperature of 21.1°C or 70°F to germinate. Therefore, use a heat mat, if you have to.

How to pick and prepare the planting site?

⦁ Since cucumbers require full Sun exposure, you need to pick a site with direct exposure to sunlight. They need to receive continuous warmth.
⦁ Use compost or manure which prepares the soil to be fertile. Mix it into the soil and also make sure that it is moist but not soggy as well.
⦁ Make sure the pH of soil is neutral or slightly acidic, that will be between 6.5 to 7.0.
⦁ To cultivate cucumbers in Northern gardens, Sandy soils are preferred because they get warm very quickly in the spring.

Steps to Plant Cucumbers: –

⦁ Cucumber seeds must be planted at a depth of around one inch. Make sure they are two to three feet apart in a row. If you wish to plant cucumbers in Mounds or hills, plant them once the plants are about 4 inches in height.
⦁ Build a trellis to support the vine while climbing; it will also keep the fruit safe from damage. Lying on the moist ground exposes the fruit to various diseases.
⦁ Try a berry basket or netting to cover the seeds. It eliminates the threat of best and will also keep the seeds safe from digging out.

Steps to take care of cucumbers while growing:-

⦁ Water them consistently. Cucumber plants have a severe requirement of water. If you use inconsistent watering practices, it will lead to bitter taste of fruits.
⦁ Try to use a drip irrigation method, it will keep the foliage dry. Hence your plants won’t be susceptible to diseases.
⦁ Use organic matter and keep the plant surrounded with compost and manure.
⦁ You may also use a liquid fertilizer which has a low nitrogen and phosphorus formula. Apply it one week after the flower blooms and then after a period of 3 weeks, directly to the soil.
⦁ Avoid over fertilizing or the growth of fruits will be stunted.
⦁ In case of limited space, always prefer vertical vines. It prevents damage to vines and seedlings as well.
⦁ After that a major step is to attract bees for pollination. To do so, use the sugar water method. Spray some of it on the vines and you are all set.

Steps while harvesting cucumbers:-

⦁ Avoid letting the cucumbers get too large in size, it leads to bitter taste of the fruit.
⦁ Pick them every couple of days; it will help them grow more quickly.
⦁ Best time to pick the cucumbers is right before their seeds become hard. Yellowing of the fruit is very harmful for the vine. Therefore, pick them before it reaches that point.

⦁ Highest quality cucumbers are green, crisp as well as firm.
⦁ Always use clippers or a knife to pick cucumbers.
⦁ Cut its stem just above the fruit.
⦁ Avoid pulling the fruit or it will damage the vine.

So yes, we have almost summed up all about Cucumber. It’s benefits, origin, nomenclature as well as growing practices all make them so desirable on the market. Next time when you keep them in your mouth, you’ll have a firm grasp on how it has been made available to you.

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